Judge of the world: intervene, redeem! A cry for justice for Syria

The possible diplomatic solution to the conflict of Syria seems to fall right out of the sky. Maybe that’s exactly why. Years of prayers for Syria have intensified since the threat of an attack of the US. Across the world Christians gathered as a whole, for prayer. Without trying to plan or measure Gods mysterious ways, it’s hard to day anything else than a sense of prayers answered.

Broken heart
But what now? Injustice stays predominant. I think about the brother and sister from Syria who fled here. They said: “Our heart Continue reading

Celebrate the great mystery of faith with us!

Today is world liberation day. Jesus’ death at the cross means amnesty for all sins. The cordial invitation to celebrate this, starts with a question: Who’s son is Jesus?

This question raises excitement when reading ‘In the footsteps of the Prophet’ (2007) by islamic theologian Tariq Ramadan. Times Magazine named him one of the most innovative thinkers of the 21st century and he’s very popular among young muslims. At the start of his book Ramadan wants to show how good it is to be a muslim. To prove it, he points to a central figure for Jews, muslims and christians: Continue reading

Looking beyond André Kuipers

God shows Himself in a scientifically evolving western society

In 2012 the Dutch astronaut André Kuipers brought space closer to us during his stay in the International Space Station (ISS). Although ‘astro-André’ hasn’t been known to be(come) religious, I notice something Continue reading

The life of Pi and the death of ‘Amanat’. God exists; but who is He?

The movie ‘The life of Pi’ raises the bar immediately. Main character Pi tells a story to a writer to convince him of the existence of God. In accordance to todays’ views, it’s up to us to decide if Pi succeeded. When Pi tells this incredible story about a miraculous rescue after a major disaster, it seems so hard to believe that insurance agents order him to tell a story that is believable. And Pi does. But he asks the writer: which of these stories do you believe?

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The church needs psalms of revenge

This article is written because there is discussion among christians: can we sing the psalms of revenge? Isn’t the gospel about love and forgiveness? That’s true! At the same time: Christ is also Judge. That’s where the psalms of revenge are about (Orginally Posted in Dutch on April 17, 2012 by jmhaak).

Klaas Wieringa turns against a churchculture preaching applicability and festivities whilst ignoring grim counterparts like the psalms of revenge (in a Dutch christian newspaper Nederlands Dagblad, April 12 2012). Striking: in a secular newspaper (NRC Handelsblad) on the same day, an opinionated article by Jan Kuitenbrouwer appears. He criticizes the Dutch compulsion to make everything accessible. Even the gospel has been subjected to this demand, by the likes of the show ‘The Passion’. Are these men unable to digest the new spirit of the age, or is something else the matter?

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