There is no Plan(et) B. About climate change and faith

Below you will find the text of a sermon in a special service about climate change and faith. The service was prepared by youngsters from our church. We read Ezekiel 18 in the Bible. There is a reverse offertory; Instead of giving everybody will receive something: a mission or a question corresponding with the theme of the service; God’s creation. We also sing the ‘Climate Song’ by André F. Troost.

Dear Fellowship of the Lord

1         Does God speak via climate activists?
The climate is changing. We see this all around us. The proof that this is caused by us, people, is more than convincing. Caused by our behaviour. Many people are very worried about the future of the earth. And there still are so-called climate sceptics/deniers.

Climate change and faith is an important subject. As it is, Christians honour the Creator. Alarm-signals sound when his creation is affected. It is a good thing that you, youngsters, suggested this theme for a special service, ‘Who cares? About climate change and faith’.

Is there a direction the Gospel shows us? And what direction should be followed?

I would like to begin with a contemporary Continue reading