Gethsemane reveals God’s unthought-of plan of salvation.

How are we to look at Jesus’s struggle in Gethsemane? When you read the Gospel of Matthew at a stretch you will meet a mystery. As it is, Matthew emphasises Jesus’ power (among others Matt. 7:29, 9:6, 12:29). Jesus cures many ill people. He calms the storm at the lake. In discussions Jesus proves to be superior to the spiritual leaders. Jesus even forgives sins and is stronger than death (Matt. 9:6&25). Jesus is always Lord and Master. He really is God with us (Matt. 1:23).

Until Gethsemane, it seems. Jesus falls down. He begs His Father if the cup may pass from Him. He almost perishes from pangs of death. What is the matter? Understanding Jesus’s struggle in Gethsemane is Continue reading